Friday, 20 December 2013 Comment Confirmation

Confirming the comment I posted at as LordyArg:
"Hey guys, I'm the writer of this here creepypasta. Just want to thank you all for the feedback, both positive and negative. I agree some points of this story were needlessly over-informative/descriptive and there are various spelling and grammatical issues (that I unfortunately cannot fix here).
I wrote this story on a whim one night and wasn't really thinking about what really happened to Alan, which I think is kinda cool because it is really up to you guys to decide if he was hallucinating or if the creature has some other devious plans :)
I'm working on a remake of this pasta that fixes spelling errors and reduces the pointless description. Also, thanks to the positive feedback I will be writing more pastas to submit here, as well as a possible spiritual sequel to this one.
Thanks again guys!"

That's it. Anything else as LordyArg isn't me.

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